No Keyboard or Mouse Support After Windows XP Boots (Any Mode)

Some background info: I installed a new video card (HD5770) for a system that has not been used since April 2009. The install went smoothly with no real issues. Due to the long period of non-use, I cleaned the system up by uninstalling about 10+ programs then rebooting. Most of those uninstalled programs were games, but I did uninstall Quicktime, Adobe Flash Player, NVIDIA display drivers, and Logitech G15 GamePanel Software. Upon reboot, I no longer had either mouse or keyboard support in Windows (Normal). I am using a PS2 keyboard and a USB mouse (although I have also tried a PS2 mouse). I am able to still use the keyboard at POST to enter Windows Boot Menu and then Safe Mode but have no keyboard or mouse support in Safe Mode. As such, I am unable to troubleshoot the issue within Windows. Please help!
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    Try resetting bios to default. Is usb enabled in bios?
    If you can browse the bios with the keyboard, recovery console should also work....

    And I think your best bet would be the Recovery Console (set Cd to boot first from bios ,press r when Win CD loads)
    You could try a manual restore point within System restore at the cmd ( a bit tricky, see here:, or try replacing files from the Windows\Repair to System32\Config.....(make backup copies of what you're replacing)
    It could also be a chipset driver problem for some models.

    See also here, something similar, when uninstall nvidia drivers:
    Good luck! :hello:
  2. Excuse the delayed response (obviously I have had computer issues), but thank you very much for your help. Via the NVIDIA forum thread you linked. I was able to fix my locked keyboard/mouse problem following coffeejolts' (#18) advice.
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