Dell XPS Gen 4 PSU replacement help.

My Dell XPS Gen 4 will not turn on after a power surge. (by the way I have a Surge Arrest surge protector)
It protected everything else plugged to it but the PC.
I suspect that the power supply is bad.
Dell advised me that the right PSU is XH732 .
However, they would not tell me the manufacturer.

I can't seem to find anyone that has one in stock and many times the number (XH732) is only listed in "related topics" – leading me to believe that I may not have the right part number.

Can anyone help me find what I need!!
Than you!
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  1. It's not something that's still in production.
    You'll find some on ebay (system pulls) , and that's not the only part number they'll have.
    Here, only took a couple of seconds to find
  2. Thanks!
    Guys i need to work on my websearch skills
    Didn't see it on ebay before

    Found it here though for a better price and free shipping

    Hope these guys can be trusted. . . : )
  3. I have a XPS Gen 4 and I believe my PSU needs replacing. Do I have to get one of these ridiculously long and huge Dell ones or can I get a different kind? It doesn't seem like many other types would fit.....

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