Crazy temps with cpu!! Help!

I recently set up my rig running an Intel i7 950 with.xigmatek dark knight and artic silver 5 thermal paste. The temperaurees at CPU stock settings were a bit high (30-40c idle) (45-50 load). However, then, I tried overclocking it to 3.95ghz. All looked fine except for weird 15sec black screen after windows password (what is this caused by?) i checked my idle and load temps using realtemp which not one went above 65.. Then, I decided to check load on prime95 and it hit 99c within 10-20secs!!!! Wtf!! As soon as I noticed this, I ended the process. Why is it overheating and most likely is it not damaged since i didnt leave it on for over a min? Also, I was using 1333 ram set to 1410 is this ok?
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  1. Wow! Definitely should not be hittin' that high. Whats your CPU voltage at?

    Check to make sure the heat-sink is making good contact with the chip. I installed a heat-sink on my old computer, and realized after I tested temps and saw 80+ degrees, that one side of my heat-sink wasn't completely tightened in!

    Give your heat-sink a little nudge back and forth and see if it lifts on either side. If it does, that baby needs some tightening. Don't over tighten.

    You shouldn't be damaged but don't let that happen often or at all ever again!
  2. CPU voltage is at stock.
    Im thinking its the thermal paste but i also tightened the heatsink down almost as much as you can go.. i'll try applying mx-2 and reseating
  3. If you've left Vcore on AUTO in the BIOS then the BIOS will decide what VCore to use and often it'll use a very high amount, You need to be setting the voltages manually.
  4. What cooler are you using?
  5. Xigmatek dark knight and artic silver 5. I applied it by putting a amount the size of a large pea in the center and let the heatsink compress it itself.
  6. ^Bad idea.

    Remove it, clean the old thermal grease with isopropyl alcohol or normal alcohol. Be sure that you don't give any garbage in the cooler, after that apply the thermal paste to the CPU and use a credit or debit card to cover all the cpu with the thermal grease. After that install the cooler and try again.
  7. Yeah I would spread it nice and even, enough such that it won't spill over the side when you install the heatsink. The i7's are pretty big so you wanna make sure you cover all four cores with the paste.

    Pretend its Taylor Swift and you're covering her face with.....your thermal paste.
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