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hi all i am planing on getting a passive radiator for a core 2 quad q6600 and a zotac 9300 itx plus dont know what graphics card as of yet maybe a gtx 460 or a gtx 580, plan is all about taking the heat from the pc and dumping it into the living room as i plan on geting a alphacool hf passive radiator just need a help of choice on the the radiator size for the graphics cards

1st radiator

2: http://www.aquatuning.co.uk/product_info.php/info/p9125_Alphacool-Cape-Cora-HF-1042-schwarz.html

the pump is a Laing D5-Pump 12V and the radiator will be put onto a wall in my living room why i said taking heat and dumping it.

good for the pc :ange: and good for saving your heating in a way ;)
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  1. Not enough cooling passively for a GTX 580.

    And you'll be mixing metals, you'll need expensive liquid.

    Pump is good.
  2. mixing metals???

    was thinking aphacool pure water http://www.alphacool.com/product_info.php/info/p751_Alphacool-Ultra-Pure-Water-Kanister-5000ml-.html

    the gpu and chipset blocks are copper base, both acetal!

    aint got the gpu block or radiator yet

    just after a nice wall mount passive radiator for my living room pc

    p.s i dont normaly overclock at all any more
  3. With aluminum radiators and almost all cpu/gpu/chipset blocks being copper you will have galvanic corrosion. You should aim to have only a single metal type in a loop or you'll need some chemical inhibitor.

    Also save some money use distilled water off the shelf. 4€ a liter is just excessive.
  4. Galvanic corrosion, like posted above by d0gr0ck. Google it. Koolance used to have a lot of issues with their radiators in the past. Those rads you linked are aluminum...mix that with copper water blocks, bad things happen over the course of several months unless you have coolant that suppresses corrosion. You could go cheap and do a mix of automotive coolant and water, but you are likely not going to get good enough cooling to be passive for your setup.

    Pure water is what we suggest in a copper cooling loop, along with some biocide and/or a killcoil. I'd consider going with a different setup, like a couple of these rads:http://www.aquatuning.co.uk/product_info.php/info/p2280_XSPC-RS360-BLACK-Triple-Radiator.html

    Make sure you understand that copper/brass are what you want in a radiator...at least ensure the tubes and chambers are copper or brass. If you want something to wall mount, consider this: http://www.aquatuning.co.uk/product_info.php/info/p2050_Phobya-Xtreme-NOVA-1080-Radiator.html
  5. hello every one! and thank you all for pointing that out dont mix copper and aluminium

    so glad i asked before jumping in now

    rubix_1011 thank you for the links

    i think i will go with the second link as i just read it and it can be used without fans! i understand i mite have to use fans come summer time but shoudnt be to much of a problem with uk weather!

    one last quiestion would this water be ok to use http://www.aquatuning.co.uk/product_info.php/info/p8003_Innovatek-Protect-ready-to-use-5000ml-canister.html

    thanks willzthom
  6. Just use distilled water from any grocery store. It's very cheap, unless you actually plan on running mixed-metals in your loop. If so, consider some easy-to-find glycol coolant to mix...I'd say 25% coolant to 75% water...shouldn't need more than that. But, you'll want to flush your loop every few month and keep a close eye on corrosion. It's likely you won't see much of an issue with it, but I'd rather not take chances, honestly.

    I'd avoid radiators (or any component for that matter) with aluminum if at all possible:

    1. Copper is a much better heat conductor
    2. Aluminium will cause corrosion.
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