MoBo fried or possibly the case?

I think my Motherboard took a hit in a lightning storm through my ethernet port. I had heard a crackling sound during a storm but the lights in my house didn't even flicker which leads me to believe it wasn't a power surge through my wiring. I noticed the next day my DSL modem was no longer functioning which I suspect means that was where it came in.

When I hit the button to power on my computer now nothing happens. The blue power indicator light on my motherboard is on as always, but now the power light on my case is on as well. I tried replacing my power supply(I had been having issues with having to turn it off and on to reset it in the past which I assume was a failure with it's active PFC) even though I assumed it wasn't necessary I started there since I would need a new one anyway. No fans or anything turn on, nothing, completely dead even though the lights show it is getting power. I'm curious if a fried motherboard will still show power and pass it through to the case?

Is there a way without rebuilding piece by piece to determine if it's the MoBo and not something else, like even possibly the case's power button? I would hate to buy a a replacement MoBo then keep going down the line replacing each part until it works as this would just lead me to rebuilding an outdated system(this was a circa 2007 Core2 E6600 w/ 8800GTX). If there is no easy way to test this stuff I'd rather just start my new PC I had been planning to build early to middle next year and at least build the backbone of my new system with a new MoBo, CPU, and RAM.

Is it likely that if my motherboard did get hit that it would've destroyed everything attached to it? I would hope my video card, HDDs, and disc drives would at least be salvageable.
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  1. Not sure if this is legit, but you can try this:

    Just kidding... I doubt there's anything wrong with your power button. You can try running the whole she-bang with everything removed expect for the CPU and RAM.
  2. Unplug everything; disconnect the power cord from the back of your system. Reset the toggle switch on your power strip, if you use one. Then remove the motherboard battery for a few seconds to reset the bios. If none of these items works, then I would go for a new ps first, then a newegg open box board with the same chipset as your old board. If your board shows no sign of external damage (burnt spots), you can gamble on an rma back to the board manufacturer. They will literally check it with a magnifying glass, looking for any signs of damage so they don't have to send you a new one. The process takes about 3 weeks, and they usually send you another used board. Or you can hold out until black friday and stand in line for one of the $199 pc's. That's what I paid for mine last year at frys on their anniversary sale.
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