Overclocking GTX 580

I downloaded MSI Afterburner and set my card to 815/2050 for a test run and got these results

Is this normal for these settings?
I just wanna get the most out of this card as possible, while staying in a safe temp range.
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  1. lol yes thats very good :D
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    There's more in that card yet.... got my GTX570 to 930/2200 and got P30600

    Use Afterburner 2.1.0 beta 5, it allows you to increase the voltage and clocks :)
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  4. I know this was "Solved" but I didn't wanna make a new thread.

    I have it clocked at 875/1750/2150

    I think I will need a voltage tweak to go any further, so should I just set that to about 1.1?
  5. If your temps are fine at 1.1V then it'll be fine, just make sure you keep your temps under 90C

    I've got my 570 watercooled so I have a bios that allows 1.213V and I've been using that for awhille without issue.
  6. I can't get it past 69C at 875/1750/2150 so I think I can bump it up some more.

    Of course unlocking the voltage voids warranty right?
  7. Quote:
    Why would they include voltage tuning if it voids the warranty?

    They don't, MSI Afterburner v2.1 Beta 6 does...
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