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Greetings everybody,

Our new website - www.donordrives.com
There, I have a lot of hard drive parts and PCBs for data recovery, forensics companies, as well as for regular customers.

If you have a hard drive with an electronics failure and would like to avoid paying data recovery companies hundreds or thousands of dollars, give us a try. We will help you locate a matching part for a VERY affordable price, and, if necessary will explain how to work around with ROM transfer and such.
If your hard drive has experienced a head crash, and you think you got what it takes to do a head swap, we will also help you with that (find a part, answer all of your technical questions and provide with details).
You don't always need a cleanroom for head swap!

If you have any questions - email us at support@donordrives.com or post here - we will be more than happy to answer all of your questions. Check us out, most of our prices even beat eBay!
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  1. Update: We are currently developing a set of articles, which will help you analyze your failed hard drive and, if possible, show what can be done, what has to be matched, and how to do it. Coming soon. Any questions are more than welcome!
  2. also welcome to our hdd pcb online store: http://www.harddrivepcb.com

    We have lots of pcb in stock and all items will be free shipping.
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