Really hot graphics card problem

Hi, new comer here and hope someone can help me.

So I'm pretty concerned because my graphics card(GeForce 9800GT 512MB) is always hot. On speed fan it's saying its 165F with no games running. And an added note even though this is the graphic forums but my processor is at 40C with nothing running then when I run a game it goes up to 95C-98C, I reapplied thermal paste also(it got up to 110C before i reapplied). Anyways I'm mainly concerned because my games don't run as smooth as people with worse graphics cards, and I'd like to play games without random low FPS. Another note it would randomly freeze while in games, I could move mouse but couldn't alt+tab, but after i decided to overclock my processor from 2.6 to 3.0 just for ships and giggles it never did it again, could be graphics card or could not just thought I'd throw that in there.

I was talking to couple my computer buddies and they told me to find some free compatibility tests for my hardware because sometimes even if it says its compatible the motherboard might not like it still, never found one so if anyone knows of any that would be nice also :).

Here's my specs(according to Belarc Advisor):

OS: Windows XP Pro SP3(I've heard sp3 is bad should I be worried?)

Motherboard: BIOSTAR Group TG31-A7 v6

Processor: 3.0(overclocked) gigahertz Intel Core2 Duo
64 kilobyte primary memory cache
3072 kilobyte secondary memory cache

Display: NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GT 512GB
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  1. There could be a variety of reasons for the overheating, but why you would overclock the system when its overheating is beyond me. You should be more specific on your computer. What kind of cooling do you have. you should have fans in the front of the case sucking air in and some in the back to blow out hot air. Your cpu you should never get hotter than 85 degrees. It sounds to me like you have changed some of the advanced chipset features like cpu core voltage etc
  2. I overclocked just for fun to see how performance goes. And my temperature went down surprisingly. Umm man case is generic so all the fans I've got is the power supply fan, heat sink and fan, and a small fan on the back. And I've got my case open cause it gets to hot sometimes. And I don't know how to change the advanced chipset features but I could have done it on accident while tinkering around. Go ahead and ask any other questions to better your understanding of my computer.
  3. first of all back off on the overclocking until you get the temps under control. Did I get this right you have the side of the case off and it still get hot. Xp sp3 is not an issue hear. This hardware/cooling propblem

    What brand model of video card?.... you might be able to adjust the fan speed on it.

    which core duo? E**** stock heat sink?
  4. And yes the side panel on case is off and its still really hot. And it's XFX graphics card. and i don't know what you mean by which core duo if you me brand it's intel, but you might be talking about if it's like celeron? i dont know how to check unforcently. and for the E**** stock heat sink, i dont know either but on the fan/heat sink combo it says on it E33681-001 maybe that's what ur talking about
  5. Download CPU-Z and GPU-Z to get info about your card/CPU.

    Also, if you have a fan laying around (like a big 8in fan) you can get that and blow in with it and it will cool the comp down.
  6. Ok I got those 2 installed and I don't know what in of you want from graphics card other than the temps and fan speed, GPU TEMP 73C PCB Temp 48C Fan Speed 31% 1651 RPM. And then for the CPU its E7300...added note Core Voltage 1.120 V. Also another thing with the graphics card, it says Nvidia SLI - Disabled, but the card is suppose to have SLI enabled, don't know if that means anything but maybe it does.
  7. Get Nvidia nTune or EVGA Precision and use that to manually set your GPU to 100%. If that doesn't help, then I would RMA the video card.
  8. Cool that worked its at 50C not in-game. I don't know what is good temp but thats a huge improvement, and when I get another big fan on the front to blow air in it will probably be much better than also. Does anyone know a program for a manual processor fan adjuster like this one cause its still really hot and it's only 2500 RPM which i believe is really slow. Anyways thanks for the help hundredisland
  9. 2500 RPM can be decently fast depending on the fan. I know for my CPU cooler, 2200RPM is the max. Also, if you want to turn off auto fan for the processor, it can easily be done in BIOS (and then it will always run at max).
  10. "Nvidia SLI - Disabled"

    SLI is only enabled when you interconnect 2 identical nvidia cards.
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