Over clocking

can we increase the ram frequency by increasing voltage
If yes then to what extinct.
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  1. yes.. can increase but depend on mobo used :
    DDR2 default 1.8V can increase max 2.2
    DDR3 default 1.5V can increase max 1.65
    all RAM not value ram !
  2. Hi varun77sports and welcome to Tom's forum.

    Yeah, you can but isn't 100% that can be stable. And DDR3 can go higher that 1.65V on AMD.
  3. How to know that the performance has increased and the increase voltage will not harm my ram.
    Like in CPU OC we can see the temp
    I have a I5-750 OC to 3.36Ghz+
  4. With DDR3 don't go above 1.7V on Intel rigs.
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