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Ocz agility 2 vs ocz vertex 2

ok, so i was reading specs of these drives. vertex 2 has 50k iops and agility 2 had 10k iops, is it a good thing or bad?

also they are on deals, vertex 2 for 50 gb is 99$$ and aglity 2 for 60 gb is 130 $$

so should i buy them rite now or wait for black friday?

lastly, are there any ssds which are around same price range (100 $$) and yield better performance?
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    The Vertex2 is faster (somewhat) in some applications. It looks like it's cheaper per gig in your case too.

    I would go for the Vertex2 if I were you, unless you need the extra 10 gigs.

    The 64gb Crucial C300 is faster reading but slower writing. It costs slightly more than your budget but it is the closest IMO.
  2. Because Black Friday is so close just wait and see.
    Also without going into a lot of detail get he Vertex 2.
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