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So the story is that I accidently bought a 2.8ghz laptop cpu in for my desktop. It works fine, but it runs at 1.6ghz. The note on my cpu is that the processor frequency is reduced to 1.6 GHz in battery-optimized mode (1.2V). I tried increasing the voltage to 1.4 on my mobo, but it remains at 1.6ghz (the multiplier in my bios is grayed out at 12x instead of the necessary 21x). Does anyone have any ideas/tricks that I can get it to run at 2.8 ghz?
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  1. What CPU is it? I thought laptops had specific sockets very different to desktop sockets...
    Anyway, set your power management option to high performance or something like that (the one that is no power saving); and disable speedstep or cool n quiet in the BIOS.
  2. I'd also look for a bios update. Some laptop CPUs will run in desktop motherboards, but you'll need the proper bios ofcourse.

    Here is the CPU. The bios is the most recent version. I don't have the option of speedstep or coolnquiet unfortunately. I'm going to try and contact intel tomorrow, otherwise I'll have to get a new one :- /
  4. yank918 said:
    So I ordered a 2.8ghz northwood p4 (533/512) for my P4S533 motherboard off ebay. My motherboard is flashed and capable of supporting this CPU, but the multiplier in my bios is locked (motherboard is set to jumperfree/manual settings) to 12x instead of 21x, so it runs like a 1.6ghz instead of the 2.8ghz it is. Why is this CPU locked and is it possible to unlock? Thanks in advance!
    If ther options are not available in the BIOS then there is little you can do. My advice is scrap that thing and buy a non-mobile P4.
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