Watercooling a PS3

Alright guys, I know I have helped out many of you, now, I want to take a step off in a watercooling tanget: my 160GB PS3 slim.

I want to watercool this sucker, since it appears to get pretty damn warm after several hours of GT5 racing. But, I haven't come across any specially-made blocks. There apparently was a set from Koolance, but I can't find much info on it and it seems to be discontinued...however, I'm going to email them and ask. Regardless, I need to figure out some specifics such as block mount points to determine which blocks I actually could use. Anyone have a schematic of the PS3 Slim board? Hmmm...

Also, has anyone come across any good console modding sites that might be a good reference? Even those with the replacement shells, etc. I'd consider getting a 2nd outer shell to cut on so the original remains intact. Even if I end up going the route of simply adding fans...does anyone have any links right off hand? I'm doing some Googling, but so far, hit or miss on most.

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  1. Looks like a good project, but IMO, a total waste of money.

    Maybe you should as to EKWB, Koolance (you did that) and Swiftech if they have something that can help you.
  2. Waste of money, likely, but watercooling in general can be 'labeled' that by the general masses.

    I just am looking for a new hobby...something that isn't done very often. Why stop there...why not watercool the DVD player, surround sound or even the 48" LCD TV?

    Before you anyone starts critiquing the stereo/tv was a joke.

    But seriously...the worlds first watercooled alarm clock?
  3. Why not a watercooler laptop? Some laptops (HP mostly) have overheat problems.
  4. I think it's a neat idea. My family has an old PS3 fat-boy that can notably heat up a small room even over the course of playing a DVD.

    As for schematics, ifixit is a great place to start for some pictures.
    Here is the PS3 Slim parted out. (huge picture warning)
    This page has some motherboard shots.
    And here is a tear-down page.

    edit:And another huge mobo pic from ifixit.
  5. @rubix...first step would be to take it apart , measure the chip and chip spacing may get away with placing full cover 5970 block with some minor machining or universal blocks
    I would try to dust it off first or reapply new TIM

  6. Nice, that helps. Looks like I can probably figure out some rough dimensions and determine a universal block I could use for each.

    Next, time to look for a secondary PS3 external casing so I don't have to destroy the original one. Hmmm...


    My PS3 is brand new...I bought it the day GT5 was released, like Nov 25th or it should be really clean/dust free inside. I don't really want to disassemble it prior to tear down and build if I don't have to. But, it might be the case...**IF** I can find time to pry myself away from GT5 for a few days. :)

    I just don't like the heat it pumps out...its insane.


    Great edit/add. That pic helps give a ballpark idea of what I'm looking at. *Sigh*...maybe I need to get off the crack and tear it down to see the guts. It's a hard habit to give up...
  7. Update:

    Found the block...Aquatuning sells one for PS3 as well as kits for the Xbox360. Looks like the project might be back up and running.

    Update to the update:

    No this is for the first generation ps3



  8. Looks like someone else randomly thought about watercooling a PS3 over at another forum I'm on...then randomly ran across this thread...and then figured out that I was the same dude in both.

    Sweet. Now I'm famous...or of the 2.
  9. ive hand made a watercooling system for my ps3 it took 6 months but ive done it now my ps3 is amazinyly fast and dosent break a sweat i have to replace the can of R 134 because it cools the water to ice cold so my ps3 is fast but a bit heavier and the can is no bigger tha a small canned drik so it aint bad
    hope u get yours cu
  10. Do you have pictures or a build log? What blocks did you use? Pump?

    It wouldn't run any faster unless you know a way to actually adjust the hardware clock speeds and voltages. The PS3 slims don't get too hot, but I thought it would be a fun project.
  11. ps3 slim gets much hotter than u think but the air dosent actually carry all heat out it gets to about 50 degrees but you cant feel the heat so uch because there is a much smaller fan so less of the heat get out
    the pump was around $50-$60 and it was a Alphacool Laiang D5 Vario Pump 655
    the blocks were pc blocks but they fit quite well they were EK-Supremacy CPU blocks.
    i also used Mayhems X1 UV Red Premixed Watercooling Fluid it was about $10
    I didnt actually think of pic ((aint got camera) or build log because didnt think ill put on blog soz about that.

    ohh and to adjust the harware clock speeds etc i put a different hard drive loaded with and atheros boot up and did it through that quite compicated but in turn it works u could make a pc out of but that would take agggggggggggggggggggggggggggggges!!!!!!

    hope it helped :pt1cable:

    p.s if i get camera i make and post pic if it :bounce:
  12. I've seen several tests where they changed the HDD with an SSD and there was no difference in load times on a PS3. Changing a hard drive wouldn't result in a faster PS3, you'd need to actually clock the hardware somehow. Sony includes directions on how to DIY replace/install a new or larger HDD in your own PS3, so it's not too tough.

    I basically scrapped this idea since my PS3 doesn't get that hot and I didn't want to carve it up. I also pondered the idea of having to buy watercooling hardware that would almost equal or be greater than the actual cost of the PS3 itself.
  13. itll cost u a bit to do the whole water cooling but youll do what u wana do as they say
    so cu and hope u get it fom somewere
    :pt1cable: :pt1cable: :pt1cable: :pt1cable:
  14. If only consoles had hardware that was really worth WCing...

    You could always combine consoles in a PC case. I remember seeing a Gamecube, PS2, and Xbox modded and put inside the same PC case. Just imagine that being watercooled :o
  15. Still wouldn't add a significant amount of load, even if all were running. Remember that console hardware is typically 3+ years behind current-gen PC's and console vs. PC are different design architectures when it comes to data processing.
  16. * a revival of a thread more than a year ago.

    The graphics on the PS3 seems, blemished :P its only one thing that drives me nuts. WHY DON'T SONY RETAIL GT FOR THE DESKTOP MARKET??? its such an awesome game!!!

    so has there been any progress cooling the PS3 slim?
  17. Not for me...I'm assuming this thread got revived by some random Google search. I'm likely not going to mess with it at this point as I could find other projects I would otherwise spend my time as a watercooling project. My oldest son plays the PS3 far more than I have over the past year and I'd rather not introduce some kind of quirky cooling that he'd have to deal with if there were ever an issue...maybe when he gets a bit older.

    I'll go ahead and close this...if there is more interest, please open a new thread with current and relevant discussion.
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