Adding 2nd hard drive, question about partition style

Running windows 7 on 80gb ssd, installed new 1TB hd for music, movies. It was showing in bios, but not in my computer, so read in previous thread to go to computer management/storage/disk management.

So I'm there, and an "Initialize Disk: screen appear asking what kind of partition style I want to use for the selected disks. The selected disk is the new hard drive. The choices are MBR (Master Boot Record) and GPT (GUID Partition Table). Which one should I choose? I will just be using it for music, movies, etc that I wouldn't need to have on my ssd.

Edit: After doing a little more research, I discovered what what hardware you need for each one, and what they mean. Just unclear as to the advantages of GPT and having that many partitions. (I just built my first computer 2 days ago and and am still learning)
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  1. Went with mbr, but it's still not showing up. Tried to look how to enable/disable it. It's showing up on the computer management, but guessing it's not formatted or something? How would I do that? Assuming I'm on the computer management/storage/disk management screen. Thanks, and again, all this is new to me.
  2. Did you format it as NTFS after the screen with mbr? Also assign a drive letter to the partition.
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