Western digital WD600 USB drive beep

Western Digital USB powered WD600U017 drive
Does not appear to be spinning up.
This drive has been in use for 2 years
When plugged in the drive makes 3 beeps 2 low ones followed by a higher one.

It does this a few times then stops.
Have tried different computers/cables

Windows XP device manager sees a drive but no drive letter is allocated

Is there any hope for the drive?
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  1. Are you sure that it isn't the PC beeping and not the hard drive?
  2. No definitely not the PC. It is coming from the drive. Now when my ear is against the drive is sounds like beeping but it could be mechanical in nature on closer listening. The platters not spinning up.
    I opening up the external plastic case of the drive and connected the actual 2.5" drive to an different USB-HDD connector and no go, so I think the drive is toast myself. not worth doing anymore for it.

    thanks for reading.
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