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Hello again, community. I'm looking into purchasing a ~128GB SSD. I currently run a WD Caviar Black 640GB 32mb cache 7200rpm SATA 3GBs. If i want to get a SATA 6GBs SSD, will the fact that my hard drive is SATA 3GBs hinder the performance upgrade I receive from the SSD? What RAID layout would you recommend I use with the two drives described? Relating to my earlier question, will the SATA 3G drive work with the SATA 6G SSD well? Will the SATA 3 drive affect performance? Thanks for your input.
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  1. How do you intend to set up your drives? If you just plan to have your SSD as your boot drive and your WD as a storage drive, you won't really hinder the performance of your computer.
    I use a WD SSD + 500GB Hitachi setup, and my computer is very snappy, even when accessing things on the Hitachi. Since your main OS components are all on the SSD, those will run faster than your HDD used to. Until you're accessing things on the WD, you won't be "limited" by it. Since you have a fast WD, you won't experience a real slow down except maybe in data transfer between drives.

    Unfortunately, I don't know anything about RAID setups, so I can't help with the last few questions.
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