Do I need to connect HD4670 512mb card to psu?

I see two connectors on the side of this HD 4670 512mb video card

What are they for, crossfire? I'm not using that.

I just want to make sure I don't have to connect any power from my psu for this card. The instructions are vague. Thanks.
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  1. you are right those "edge" connectors are for crossfire.if you had a couple of six or eight pin power connectors they would be at the end of the card,nearest to your hdd drives etc...:)
  2. No, you do not need to connect any power connectors to this card.

    "Slide the card into a free PCIe 8x / 16x slot and connect a monitor. You can now power up the PC. Once Windows boots up, install the latest Catalyst drivers and make sure your operating system is fully patched up, especially DirectX. After driver installation, reboot the PC and you are ready to go." -installation part of Guru3D review of the card.
  3. The 4670 cards are 75W TDP cards...they don't require power CommonJo said just slide in the card into the pcie slot and connect the monitor to the output of the card and you are good to go... But make sure to disable the onboard graphics if there is any...and uninstall old video drivers...
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