GSkill Ripjaws vs Trident?

I'm browsing parts for a possible new i5/i7 build, and since these kits are coming up so often in combos, I'd really like to know if the Trident is better than the Ripjaws? It seems the Ripjaws have tighter timings, but the Trident has a higher frequency. The pricing is very close also. I've done pretty good overclocks in the past, though I'm by no means an expert when it comes to RAM performance.
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    Although G.Skill says they don't simply sell the same RAM with different heat spreaders, I think it may be true in some cases. I can't see any hard-and-fast differences between the Ripjaws, Trident and Pi series other than the heat spreaders in many classes of MHz speed. You cannot say that the Ripjaws have tighter timings since that's not true in some classes of product speed.

    I like G.Skill and have their RAM in this system - and I also participate now and then in their forum. It's reasonable to someone to say "G.Skill is a great brand of RAM" but not that "Trident (or Ripjaws) is their best product."

    If you like their brand - go for it. Search out the speed you want and look at what they offer that match that and THEN compare what each model offers in terms of other advantages, such as CL or low profile.

    Low profile is an advantage with the RipJaws and likely why they offer it - this module is more likely to fit under larger CPU cooler/fans. Consider this graphic I made showing how to measure the height of various RAM modules - note the PI is largest (about 55mm), then the Trident on the upper right. The Ripjaws is on the lower right and the upper far left. (This graphic compares DDR2 RAM size and may not be true for DDR3 - but I think it is.)

    BTW, you can measure the height of RAM modules in this manner because the standard module - the green part - is about 30mm tall. So take any picture of RAM, even on your screen, and measure the green area, write it down, then measure the height above it. The green part is 30mm, even if it measures 3 inches on your screen, so you can calculate the rest of the height from that.
  2. Thanks mongox I have been looking for a graphic like this for a long time.
  3. Thanks, this is a version of a graphic I made for myself and also posted in the forum. Here's the link to the original post - feel free to comment there!

    How to see if your RAM will fit under your Cooler!
  4. your post was very helpful, I don't have a whole lot of brand loyalty towards G.Skill, I tend to go with best available with best price... my past few builds have actually been with various OCZ kits. Since the pricing is so close on these G.Skill kits I just wanted to know if there was something there that I was missing.
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