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I'm having issues with my new computer build. I've followed some threads here and tried different things including bread boarding.
This is the case and power supply combination:

iStarUSA D-2PFS 750W Power Supply

The eight picture shows the case opened, which may be useful in understanding what is occurring. In addition, I am using a MB Asus P5Q, G-Skill Ram, and two solid state hard-drives.

The power supply is basically shutting down instantly. When I built the system outside of the case, all is good. I've installed the motherboard using the silver standoffs supplied with the case. This, the CPU, Power Supply, and Video Card will power on and spin in the case.

If I install the DVD drive into the cage shown and connect the power, the system will not turn on. The DVD drive outside of the case is not an issue. The same thing is occurring with my Solid State Drives. Outside of the case is no issue. Inside the case, touching the base, no-go. In fact, in one instance I heard a crackle or pop between the power connector and one 16gb SSD. This produced an intense electrical smell that still remains on the SSD hours later. I haven't an opportunity to check it yet, but feel it may be toast.

I've also purchased brass standoffs which are the same height. While they look exactly the same when held next to the silver supplied one, the screw itself is a tad larger. The store bought brass standoffs will not fit in the case.

I am confused as to why the Mobo is not shorting the power-supply, even with the CPU, Ram, Video Card in place, but the DVD and SSD is shorting the power supply. Again, this isn't a power amount issue, as it all works outside the case. 750W is more than enough juice.

I'm placing the DVD in the cage shown in the upper right side of the 8th picture. I'm placing the SSDs in the lower left.

Please post any insights or suggestions you may have. I may have to bite the bullet and take it somewhere with diagnostics, but money is tight at the moment with our family.

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  1. Yes, thanks. I did run through that checklist.
  2. Sounds to me that you had a short in your dvd or ssd. It may have been faulty if it's new, or a screw may have been to long and shorted inside the device. I'd check the sdd and see if another will work. (that one sounds like toast) Your psu is doing its job to shut down on occurance of a short - good no fire-. The reason everything is working outside the case, is that the psu is grounded to the case.

    If you dont think it is either the dvd or ssd, then it is possible that the power line to the device has a nick in the wire it's self. Either it was faulty upon shipment or was damaged during build. Pull the sheathing back and check it for dammage. (note you may not get a short in line if it has no device hooked to it)

    Update any progress you have.

    Hope this helps
  3. Thanks St-Owned.

    I pulled the power supply and looked closely at the connections I established. Unfortunately , the power supply and case shipped without a manual. And perhaps I didn't pay attention when connecting the cables, which could have been common sense.

    I do not know if this is the issue, but I did have my black 6 pin SATA Auxiliary DVD and SSD power cables plugged into the red 6 pin jack and the 8 pin jack in this photo.


    Could the red 6 pin jack or 8 pin jack have a different grounding configuration which is causing the unit to short?
  4. PDF conector guide

    It shouldn't have a different grounding config, unless it was faulty from factory. I put a link up for the wiring connector guide. See if that will help you.
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