Random Bluescreens after cpu/vid upgrade

I apologize for the length of this up front.

Here is what my old system consisted of.

Gigabyte GA-965p-DS3 (rev2 Im guessing, in CPU Z it says Rev c2) (F9 Firmware)
Intel P4 D820 2.8GHZ
3GB DDR2 800
500W PSU (came with case)
Nvidia 8800 GT
Windows XP SP3 32bit

Here are the new parts I purchased.
Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 (3.0GHZ)
EVGA 896-P3-1255-AR GeForce GTX 260 Core 216 896MB 448-bit GDDR3 PCI Express 2.0 x16
OCZ Power Stream 700W PSU
Masscool LGA-775 cooler

Here's how I started out. I install all of the new parts and reset the CMOS and I could not post. Thinking that I should have flashed the MB bios to the most current I swapped the e8500 out for the D820 and it posted up fine with the new Video card and PSU. I upgraded to F14 bios, swapped processors and the system finally posted. I wiped the old nvidia driver out of the system with Driver cleaner pro. Installed the new driver from Nvidia's website (186.18). Opened WOW to check out what this thing could do, started turning up settings and feeling it out when all the sudden WOW crashes. Which I expected to happen, so I reset to the graphics to default and opened WOW back up. This time it blue screened on me. Next I went and grabbed EVGA Precision. The card was Idling at 57-60c in just windows. I found that a little high but not enough to crash the system. I decided that it had been a really long time since I did a fresh install of XP so I started backing up stuff and went through 3 more random blue screens, which disappear too fast for me to read what it says.

I start the fresh install of XP, it finishes fine, no crashing. Install all the MB drivers first, then install the nvidia 186.18 drivers. Install EVGA precision, card is now idling at 43-45c in when just in windows. While downloading some software the computer BSOD'd on me again, after coming back up I opened firefox to attempt to download 3dmark06 and firefox crashed a couple seconds after I opened it. I tried this a couple more time with the same outcome. Then I opened IE and started having the same issue. I opened My Computer and received another BSOD.

At this point I am going to swap out the e8400, and put my D820 back in to see if this system will stabilize. Until then I would appreciate any suggestions.

Prior to upgrading these parts my system was rock solid in all aspects (just a little slow in some games). I am going to run memtest here in a little while just to rule out RAM issues. But I am banking on the issues being with the CPU. From what I can tell my board should support this wolfdale processor using the lastest firmware so I am guessing that its just a bad CPU. What do you all think?
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  1. Try resetting your CMOS. If that doesn't change anything, I'd narrow the problem down to the CPU. If your old processors makes everything work nicely (i.e., the symptoms go away) I'd send your new CPU back for a replacement.
  2. I cant see anywhere that says the mobo supports your new CPU.. :(
  3. mobo is kinda old for them new wolfdales, you are def *** out of luck on this one, try to return it for another one supported by ur mobo, or get a new one (may be cheaper considering newegg is starting the dump for LGA 775 since they are moving from mainstream to budget and thus you can pick up things for cheap

    here is the cpu compat list, note that for wolfdale E8400s it says not officially supported.... it is based on the rev 3.3 of the board, and i checked for rev 1 as well and they all say not offcially supported, this can mean hacked bioses that you can put on and do things (no idea where to find one for gigabyte tho) but they are risky as hell since bios chips are hard to replace if not impossible to replace.

  4. How is your 3GB of RAM configured? Even or odd number of sticks?
    And their rated speed & timing?

    I would lower FSB:RAM ratio to 1:1 so your RAM runs DDR2-667 (333Mhz).
    It's possible after the upgrade to E8400 and resetting the BIOS, it tries to default to a RAM speed higher than what your memory configuration can handle due to increase FSB (different models of RAM in odd arrangement aren't preferred).
    i.e. while all your RAM may be rated to run DDR2-800 5-5-5, mixing different models will result in stable only with DDR2-667.
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