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I have a Q9400 with an Asus P5QE with all solid caps 8 phase power and an 8 pin power plug. Good quality OCZ 600 watt Stealthextream PS, OCZ DDR2 800 ram. I set the fsb at 400 which gives me 3.2GHz. Should I do anything with the ram? or leave it alone. I have stock cooling with Arctic Silver paste. I'm not trying to max it out, just bump up the performance for free. I have stock volts temps look good. Thanks
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  1. Yes, Asus are great boards and better overclockers. Also try running prime95 for a good 4-5 hours and see if it's stable. Also watch the cpu temp cause your using only stock cpu cooler. I recommend you get an aftermarket cpu cooler just to be safe.
  2. Watch your temps. Keep them under 70 C. And do not exceed 1.45 volts on the CPU.
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