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I have a friend who called me today saying their computer will not turn on. I checked it and sure enough, hit the power button and nothing happens. I plugged in a known good power supply that I have and still nothing happens when I hit the power button. I am now assuming that the MB is toast. Is there anything else that I can check?
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  1. Oh, and I tried shorting out the pins on the plug where the power button on the case plugs to the MB and got nothing. So I don't think it's the button on the case.
  2. Sorry, I haven't worked on one of those old Timex Sinclairs for many years.
  3. Onus said:
    Sorry, I haven't worked on one of those old Timex Sinclairs for many years.

    I have no idea what that means, dude.

    I have now jumped the green wire to a black wire on the MB power plug and the CPU fan comes on but nothing else. Any more ideas?
  4. Sounds like the board is dead.

  5. It means you did not describe any of your computer components, so you could have been talking about anything.
  6. Mb probably dead then. Make sure you test it after removing all expansion cards and disconnect all the IDE cables. Basically you should only have the power switch, case speaker (to hear the beeps) CPU, Video card (if no onboard video) and 1 stick of RAM in there. Also try it without a video card or RAM to see if it turns on and gives you a beep code. without RAM it should continuously beep, or it could do nothing at all depending on the board. Also look up it's jumper configuration if it's an old board that still uses jumpers.
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