Gigabyte ud7 or maximus IV

i,m going to build a new high end watercooled pc
and i,m going to use a 2600k processor but i can decide which mobo i am going to use :??:
the gigabyte ud7 or the asus maximus IV extreme
which one wil be the most overclock able and stable?
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  1. 1- EVGA
    2- ASUS
    4- MSI
    5- Others.
  2. Don't see anything offered for DFI for Sandybridge so far. HWBOT might disagree with saint19's placing EVGA at the top of the list for overclocking, but here is their candidate for the new architecture: EVGA P67 Classified

    Here is Haredware Canuks's assessement of Gigaabyte's UD7, and I quote "...will target budget minded buyers who don’t need the massive overclocking capabilities of enthusiast-level products..."

    So that leaves the Maximus IV, and it looks like quite a sweet board. The article referenced shows a pretty decent OC to 5.1 Ghz on air. This board is winning hands down for the initial offerings.

    Interestingly enough, extreme cold does not seem to help with the Sandybridge line of processors. Maybe liquid cooling might strike the perfect balance? I am thinking maybe 120.3 for a radiator.

    Here is one last guide to overclock the Maximus, and it seems almost too easy.

    So I just need to know where can I get my hands on one this Sunday?

    Good luck getting a decent chip!
  3. thats the ud4 review wich is indeed the low end version from gigabyte
  4. DFI isn't on the list because they just recently stopped making motherboards. Biostar mobos are also among the top overclockers, many OC records were broken using Biostar.
  5. killer pc g15 said:
    thats the ud4 review wich is indeed the low end version from gigabyte

    oops. Thank you for bringing that mistake to my attention. Here is the UD7 Very nice looking board.
  6. I am somewhat new to the whole pc building thing...but, I actually got myself a Gigabyte p67a-ud7 motherboard along with a 2500k processor...and that motherboard works looks absolutely stunning once you have it..the maximus iv extreme board was what I wanted initially..however, after many reviews and comparisons I decided to go ahead with the gigabyte. And I am happy I ddi..although, I did want the sabertooth board as well..that tactical vest looks real boss on the motherboard!
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