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Hey all, I've found a way to read the temps finally with rivatuner (on an asus nvidia 9600 GSO), but now it's reading the core clock and memory clocks much slower at 400 mhz and 400 mhz, respectively. This is compared to the default clock speeds of 550 mhz and 700 mhz. GPU-Z also gives the default clock speeds as 550 and 700, but says the card is at 0 mhz for both core and clock. Now the card SEEMS to act fine (i.e. graphics seem no slower than they were before, but what is up? How can I restore the speeds to default settings? Rivatuner just keeps it at 400 mhz for both- nothing I can change there. I try to enable driver level overclocking, but it says to reboot. Even after that, though, the speeds are the same and I cannot alter them. Any ideas? Thanks.
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  1. Well, I've restored the clock speeds (reinstalled newest nvidia drivers repeatedly and rebooted many times- finally worked). Now I still can't overclock the card at all with rivatuner. Maybe I don't need to- any other ideas?
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