Win7 + sound = no

So I decided to try out win7 on my spare computer. So far I have to say i like it but, my sound card isn't working.

I have tried to download the creative win7 drivers and no go, i have also tried the vista 32 drivers, again no go.

When i try to install the drivers it gives me a message like "hardware not found"

I tried reseating the card, nothing, so i moved it to another slot, again nothing.

Is this card just not compatible with win7?

OS: Win7 32 RC
MoBo: Asus M3A78
Sound card: SB audigy SE
Driver: tried both win7 32bit and vista 32bit

suggestions please? 8) Thank you!
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  1. I'm having the same issue. My onboard sound won't even work. Guess we'll have to wait.
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