Asus P6T7 SuperComputer and QuadFire?

So the only motherboard supporting full PCIe 2.0 16x links to four slots is the Asus P6T7 SuperComputer, which, technically, is a workstation class motherboard (although its a CEB board, it will apparently mount in ATX position).

But my question: will it work with 4 ATi GPU's in Crossfire, aka QuadFire? I know the X58 Northbridge only supports two full x16 links, so it must be that one or both of the n200 southbridge chips is supplying the x16 links.

Does this odd setup mean it wouldn't support QuadFire, or does it affect it at all? Anyone have any idea?
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  1. No takers?
  2. Are you planning on spending 2000$ on video cards if not this is a moot point

    as you can just get 2 5xxx series ati and a 2 card crossfire

    if its theoretical and you just want to know if its possible..
    no idea I'm not much into configurations that people wouldnt use unless
    they are saying what if.
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