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Hello Everyone,

I'm hoping someone has a manual they can provode for this cooler. The long/short version of the store is I bought it @ CompUSA open-box. It was taped shut and the store manager assured me that all hardware was included and he wouldn't let me open (their) resealed package. Since it was open-box, I asked if it can be returned if defective or missing parts. He said no; that it isn't missing any parts and if defective to contact the manufacturer (Ultra Prod.). I agreed and bought it.

Later that afternoon, I opened the package to find only the cooler/fan and nothing else... no hardware, no manual, etc. So, I went on a search for the manual, nothing. I contacted Ultra for the mounting hardware for an AM2 chip and the manual. They sent me two brackets and nothing else. I then called back, explained the situation and the person this time said they would send the hardware. A week later, I received the same two brackets, the spring-bolts and nothing else. So after two rounds of partial hardware and still not able to use the cooler, I'm hoping someone has a copy of the manual so I could scan the actual hardware needed and email that to Ultra.

Below is the product from CompUSA's site.

Ultra ChillTec Silver, product #40493

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  1. I didn't find a manual...but on their site near the bottom of the page they have a picture of everything that comes with it... http://www.ultraproducts.com/applications/SearchTools/item-details.asp?EdpNo=4486403&csid=ITD&body=MAIN#productresources
  2. Thanks for the link but I couldn't use it. I found the same and it seems Ultra has not posted the manual on their site either. I contacted with all of the images I've found trying to illustrate the correct hardware and asked them for a copy of the manual and we wait to see what happens...
  3. lol...just would be great if they send you a full box of the whole thing...just because of the trouble and bad support...lol...
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