Am3 Phenom II X6 1100T Cooling without losing RAM space

Hey there!

I was always using Scythe Ninjas for every computer I assembled. But I want to switch, because a memory cooling fan won't fit anymore and the assembly with Corsair dominators was quite tight, so to say.
The problem with AM3 is, as I've heard, that the heatsinks can't be turned whichever way I want. of course I need it to blow out to the rear so the hot air doesn't get into the PS too much.
So I'm looking for something that's high up, silent, QUALITY, able to run in passive mode if the fan gives up again and will fit onto my motherboard (ASUS M4N98TD EVO). I was looking at the Silent Knight by Asus: (though here it doesn't say it's compatiblem with AM3???)
I read about the Scythe Katana which looks like it could leave enough room, but supposedly it has a bad fan (like the last Ninja I bought... POS). So - NO. The Mugen is huge again. Noctuas will blow into my PS. So what's left? Any good coolers out there for me? Or a Katana with a better fan?
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  1. Unfortunately I can't really help you with the question at hand, however, I definitely wish the cooler manufacturers could supply better data about their products before purchase, namely what sort of clearances they're built with. Normally all you get is overall height, maybe a weight...
  2. Right. Until now I was always lucky, but this time I can't afford luck! If I weren't afraid of water cooling, I'd try that, seems like the least space consuming option, but one day that pump WILL die...
  3. You could look at the CoolIT ALC I think it's called. It has some display thing on it, which I believe can monitor if the pump dies.
  4. Right now, I'm looking at a Thermalright Venomous X. Doesn't seem to obstruct anything! The CoolIT stuff only seems partially available.
    I was previously checking out Noctua as they come from where I live, but they seem enormously huge and I asked the support about what to do. Let's see.
    Zalman CNPS9900 are supposedly good, too, but I'm not so sure...
    Last option: Xigmatek Balder. Sleek and alledgedly really powerful. I'd just like to have a cooler that can run in passive mode, too...
    I also discovered that my Dominator RAMs include an extra cooling device, so I couldn't even use my good, old and trusty Scythe Ninja that was previously sitting on top of my old Corsair's Heatspreaders. Damn.
  5. is a pretty good resource for cooling
  6. The hyper 212 fits with my dominators and should be sufficient for ~4ghz overclocks.
  7. Isn't ist DAMN heavy though? :)
  8. If you want good temps and good overclock, go above the Hyper 212+. CM V6GT (little loud), Titan Fenrir, Megahalems, Tuniq Tower 120 Extreme, Venomous X, NH-D14, Silver Arrow, Archon.

    It's your choice, but I'd avoid those CoolIT "liquid cooling systems" as well the H50 and H70.

    Select the best for your budget and be sure that fit in your case.
  9. CM V6GT (little loud) - nothing LOUD, please
    Titan Fenrir - not available
    Megahalems - Intel only
    Tuniq Tower 120 Extreme - Intel only
    Venomous X - allegedly poor/varying performance :(
    NH-D14 - too big for Dominators
    Silver Arrow - too big
    Archon - could actually work! Pretty huge, gotta measure my Big Tower, but could work! Should, my Ninja measures 10mm less and fits perfectly, THANKS :D

    Sidenote: what about the SilverStone Nitrogon NT01-E Evolution?
  10. Forget it, keep the Archon.
  11. Archon is on the way via import, as hardly available. Thanks, guys, that was a tough one :) Now I'm curious how it performs...
  12. Oh yeah, I've read plenty of those. Awesome advice, I wouldn't even have found it (as it's not really available here!).
  13. OK, here I am with as fully assembled machine.
    All I can say is: people, BE WARY.
    I don't know, what Thermalright are thinking, and what ASUS are thinking. Partly also what Corsair are thinking.

    The questions that came to my mind during assembly: how can Thermalright advertise with "save your RAM" when the Archon BARELY sqeezes in between RAM and Processor? How can they give measurements, but leave out the clamps that hold the fan? I had to modify the complete lower part of the clapms to able to barely fit them in. Now the innermost RAM bar slightly bends outwards, but fits, but ONLY because I modified the clamps PLUS fixed the fan higher up, which, of course, makes the damn thing EVEN HIGHER!
    Luckily, I have quite a huge Chieftec Big Tower, so I even managed to get the door closed. But: I had to take off both side fans. So I took a drill, drilled a couple of holes and refitted the fans elswhere, with some more holes to let air through, so the RAMs could be cooled. Why, the Dominators came with their own cooling device!?! Well, that damn thing is so wide, it easily takes up 50% more width than the RAMs do which hardly fit in. So WTF?

    The whole thing is running smoothly and I love it., But never before have I experienced such pains during assembly, even though having a big tower case.

    Why are motherboards made so small there can't possibly be enough space for a proper cooler? Much less for a RAM cooler? Why are RAM coolers sold with consumer RAM that will be fitted to a consumer board that will be way too small to even hold it? Why are such small boards even equipped with 4 RAM slots? Even if the heat spreaders were off the Dominators, the slimmest available CPU cooler won't fit without towering even higher or sitting on top of the RAMs.

    My advice: take an image of the board you have in mind, use the GIMP or Photoshop to size it up according to scale, put all parts you have onto the board with shapesthat have the exact size of your components and see what it looks like. Then best take a picture of your case, closed and open to the side and pre-fit everything, or else you mihgt experience a similar nightmare after weeks of research. That was my mistake. The board. I just wanted a decent one, not thinking about the problems possible.
  14. Man I hear you. Luckily I didn't have to modify anything "technically" and I don't have a RAM cooler. However, I did upgrade to 8gb RAM. But my heat sink's fan covers a RAM slot. So I tried a diffent type of fan. No good. I also couldn't mount it vertically. So I had to mounth the heat sink in backwards (blowing forward), and then I went about completely flipping all my fans around so my case blows out the front. Such a pain!!!!!! It's not bad but at times it's annoying to get some wind in my face lol.
  15. I have 8gb of Dominators on an 1156 P55 platform.
    I understand some kits were sold with the cooling fans(mine wasn't) but imo they are totally unneccessary.
    Btw i have all dimms filled and a Thermalright MUX120 fitted with two X-Silent 120's.
    Fits perfect, cools well(i7 860)29-34C, and is quiet under 20db.
  16. I left out the RAM cooler anyway. Ridiculous.
    I have an ASUS M4N98TD EVO, and there's no way in hell a Scythe Ninja, for example, would fit. Before I had an ASUS M2N-E and that was already almost impossible (innermost RAM noticeably bent outwards, fan blowing towards PSU (with lots of space and fans in between and above). So now I took a cooler about half as thick and look at this:

    you can see the RIDICULOUS size relations perfectly. The towering cooler, the even higher fan, the bullied RAM and the superfluous cooler. So which manufacturer is the most mindless *diot here, besides myself for believing this was a good setup. I guess ASUS in that respect. Just look - how in hell is this EVER supposed to work???
  17. You could try the fan in "pull" on the other side, and maybe even add a scyth slim fan to push (they're not very good tho).

    But yeah, yikes. I hope mobo makers get it figured out that we need more room!
  18. Thermalright X-Silent 140mm is thinner by 1.5mm .140 x 140 x 25mm
    Nice and quiet not pwm though.
    Scythe Slip Stream 140 (SM1425SL12H)-140 x 140 x 25 mm / 5.51 x 5.51 x 0.98 in
    You could add the Scythe on the dimm side and put the TY-140 on the other.
    Not the ideal solution but workable.
    Also remove the closest ram heat sink .
  19. OK, that sounds like a plan. Will the RAM survive without the sink?
    With a thinner fan it should work though... now it's just the clamp that's too big.
  20. Yep! i'm sure 90% of Dominator users bought their kits without the fan cooler,myself included.
    The Thermalright fan clips provided with your cooler work with 120 and 140mm fans.
    It's on the page.
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