Should i have a "storage" partition

i have a 1tb samsung f3 harddrive.

i have the entire drive set as one single partition (everything is on this partition - os, program installations, media storage).

should i create a separate partition for storing movies, music, games etc?

windows 7 64bit
amd 955
4gb ram
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  1. Yep, you should have a partition for the OS (some 80-100G) and a big one for the rest. This way you can reinstall the OS without formatting the entire HDD and losing all the data. Back up your stuff on DVDs before creating a partition just to be safe.
  2. is this something i can do without reinstalling windows and without wiping the hd as it is right now? or do i need to start over with a fresh install?
  3. You don't need to reinstall the OS but it's recommended to backup your important data.
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