Can performance improve by reducing cores/threads on i7 920?

For most games, and many applications, it is hard to use more than two cpu threads.
With that in mind, would it be beneficial to reduce the number of active cores or eliminate hyperthreading on an overclocked system?

Eliminating the hyperthreading option will reduce the thermal stress, perhaps allowing a higher stable oveclock.
Reducing the number of cores activated might do the same.

The L3 cache could serve fewer competing tasks, possibly improving performance.

How about the option of two cores + hyperthreading?

Has anybody experimented with this?

It might be simple to measure the highest stable overclock in ghz.
Measuring the performance difference in FPS might be a difference matter.
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  1. If you want 4 threads, 4 cores with HT disabled will always outperform 2 cores +HT. Some people do run with HT disabled for maximum overclock though. It gives you a bit more speed than you might otherwise be able to achieve. You could try running with only 2 threads active if you wanted (2C, noHT), and you might achieve something, but I haven't tried it on mine.
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