Need Quick Mobo Advice for new comp build - buying tonight!


I am building a new game rig and am gonna go with the Phenom II X4 955 Black Edition for CPU and the Radeon 5870 for my GPU - but I am a bit lost as to what I will need for a mobo. If I should be overclocking the CPU and/or the GPU I need a board that is user friendly in this regard cause it will be my first oc. If I should be considering running another GPU later can u recommend a board that would allow me to expand? Also budgeting is important so I want good value for the dollar but nothing cheap, looking at about the 1100-1200 range for the build overall (looks like boards run from 100-200 but dunno what I need really). A few options with explanation of benefits would be a great help, thanks guys really appreciate it. ** And a quick recoomendation for 6GB of RAM would help as well! Thanks!

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  1. only the i7 920+ has triple channel memory

    everything else is dual channel memory so you need to add chips 2 at a time

    2x2gb= 4gb 4x2gb = 8gb

    I priced out a top of the line i920 system 2 weeks ago and budgeted 300$ for a video card and the total was about 1150.

    I didnt splurge on pricey stuff like a SSD though as I'm waiting on those.

    I'm sure you can price out a heck of a system for 1000$-1200 with a nice monitor

    I usually goto and start there
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