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Hey everyone, I am looking to build a new gaming pc to be used for games like Call of Duty and other FPSs with the occasional RPG and RTS. I am on a college budget, somewhere around $1000. This would be my first build (though I will have some experts on hand when building). I have put together some parts (with approx prices from newegg). I would appreciate any input, Thanks.

Intel i7 920 ~~~ $289

EVGA 132-BL-E758-TR Mobo ~~~$260

GTX 260-216 ~~~ $190

G.SKILL 6GB F3-10666CL9T-6GBNQ ~~~$80

500GB HDD (prices fluctuate) ~~~about $65

DVD DL burner~~~ about $28

Case and power supply have not been chosen and I am open to suggestions, I have always been unsure which cases will fit the larger video cards.

Also, I have a 22" monitor already and will be using that on this build
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  1. Corsair 750w psu (should handle gtx260sli in future)

    Antec 300 Case

    will be tight w/ big graphics card but since u arent using lots of hdd's no biggie

    2x 120mm fans
  2. Thanks for the suggestions, do you have any comments on the hardware components I chose? Am I in the right ballpark?
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