OCZ DDR3 PC-10667 memory reporting as 8500

So I've bought a pair of OCZ platinum DDR3 PC-10667(1333Mhz) "OCZ3P1333LV4GK" sticks for my new Lynnfiend system, which worked fine once i've bumped up the DRAM v. to 1.65 from the default 1.5

My concern now is that both my motherboard BIOS and cpuID identified my RAM as DDR3 PC-8500(1066Mhz) part, not the advertised PC-10667(1333Mhz) by default, and I had to manually set its frequency to 1333Mhz.
I didn't have to do that when i was testing my other pair of sticks(Corsair XMS3); they reported as 1333Mhz by default as advertised.

I've had no problems since then but is this something that I should be concerned over? Or something that I should request an RMA and replace them for?
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  1. No. If it runs stable with no bluescreens, then you're fine. Some boards default to lower settings, especially when all slots are filled. Be glad it worked.
  2. Have you installed 4 DIMMs now, or just 2 DIMMs of the OCZ DDR3 PC3-10667?

    Also, what does CPU-Z say about SPD and Memory?

  3. Most likely the XMS3 was rated for 1333 at 1.6v or lower, so it had SPD set for that speed and mobo picked it straight away. Those OCZ sticks require 1.65v(which is above the max 1.6v specified by Jedec) to run at that speed so they cannot have SPD set for that speed and thats why you had to set it manually. At least thats how I understand it.

    Anyway, just like o1die said above, if it runs fine than theres nothing to worry about.
  4. the highest standardized speed is pc3-8500 that is what all pc3-1600,1800,2000 should report and default to.

    you have to manually set it to whats on the sticker.
  5. wimcle said:
    the highest standardized speed is pc3-8500

    Actually now its pc3-12800(ddr3 1600) http://www.jedec.org/download/search/JESD79-3C.pdf pages 157-161 for example.

    Standards get revised as technology progresses
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