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I bought one of these for my son for Xmas to bring to/from divorced parent's houses. Son is 16 and I bought this on Ebay so I have no warranty-It was used and is in "new" condition. My ?'s are: neither I or his father has a wireless modem. Would it be more ecomical for each of us to buy wireless routers so this thing can work (internet)OR should I buy an "air card'? I honestly thought he'd be able to "pick up" a signal but that is not the case.
Also should I pay $40.00 for a service warranty through Square Trade in case this breaks?
Thanks so much
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  1. If your internet provider gave you a router (not just a little USB box) you could connect the laptop to it with an ethernet cable -- most current laptops include an ethernet socket and routers usually have several.

    A wireless router will cost zero to run compared to the high cost of using cellphone internet -- which I assume you mean by aircard.

    Personally I would never pay for an extended warranty if I bought retail because repair or replace rights are pretty strong on consumer durables.

    The product should work on delivery from auction or you are entitled to a refund.
    The sort of things that go wrong with laptop computers are usually accidental damage or software problems which I doubt are covered by a warranty, though $40 doesn't sound too much to pay.
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