6850, 6870, 6950, 6970 or GTX 570 or 580?

I am buying a single card for now and getting one more in a couple of months so I want to get the same 2 cards. I am not sure on which card to get though. I will be at 1900 Res and The games I play most as of right now would be L4D2, Borderlands and WOW: Cata.... Can someone recommend one ? I know which ones are better than the other, but are the prices worth it on some? Would I get GREAT performance out of Crossfire 6850s or Sli 570s that would satisfy me? I dont need The best of the best, I just want to play my games on max settings without lagging
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  1. yeah, I did read about the Bio flash, but would that be around or are they going to prevent that any time soon?
  2. The 6850 can run any of your games at max and is fun to oc.I'd get that and save for the 28nm cards which will be released later this year.If you are coming from a 3xxx series Ati or a 9xxx series Nvidia,I'd consider getting the 6950 just for the great performance boost,still a 6850is perfecty capable of maxing any game on the market atm,especially your games.
  3. Personally, I am going with the GTX 570 as the games i play benefit from Nvidia cards a little better and it can be OC'd very nicely to just about GTX 580 stock performance.
  4. Dont base any desisions on the whole 6950 to 6970 trick. It turns out these cards really are binned. I got one, I tried it, and I pulled it off, but no matter what I did with power or clock speeds, I got pixel artifacts from time to time, especially on cold boot. Ill be getting a gtx 570 soon. Id prefer a 6970 but the drivers SUCK. Seriously its incredibly how bad they are at this point.
  5. for game HD 6970 is better but it's depen on your budget
  6. Id say the gtx 570. Im a serious ATI (amd) supporter but no fanboy and honestly their current drivers for the 6000 series just plain suck. I really wanted to like these cards, and to support them. Their hardware is excellent but I need a new card and I dont feel like waiting around for their drivers to actually work well in all app's (which can take anywhere between 2 months and over a year).
  7. you cant go wrong with a 6950 if you are not looking for the best of the best. it plays almost any max settings just fine(except maybe metro 2033). I found a deal on here for 2 570s for $460:D. I still have this brand new 6950 that i have no use for so im probably gonna sell it.
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