Buying my first SDD newb questions

For a while I've been wanting to make the jump to SDD, but didn't want to until I could grab at least a 120gb at decent price, anything less would be too small.
Finally I have found a deal on this one:

$190 after MIR is not bad.
So is this a decent SDD?
is there anything I need to know about them? I've built many computers but never with SDD, is the installation as an OS drive the same as mechanical drives?

I use Win7 if that matters
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  1. Yeah, that's a good SSD. As always, its the SSD controller that you want to research and that one has the desirable SandForce 1200. Read through reviews of the drive to make the final choice though.

    Installing Win7 on an SSD is exactly the same as a mechanical hard drive. Make sure you install in AHCI mode. Most of the SSD tweaks are done after OS install. Here are some tweaks you should explore.
  2. ok so I first go to bios and switch to AHCI and then plug in the SDD and proceed with the installation?
  3. That's right. Windows 7 and SSD's go together very nicely. You shouldn't have any alignment issues or anything. AHCI drivers are built into Win7 too.
  4. ty, another thing, the first time I will install windows, do I need to format the HD? or this no longer applies for SSD?
  5. It couldn't hurt. If I remember right, Win7 only allows you to do a quick format anyway so it's not like it goes through the whole drive to do a full format. It would ensure that your drive alignment is good though.
  6. Is your mobo intel based? Don't forget the rst and f6 drivers during install.

    Read this thread for other info and intel's link to their drivers.
  7. My mobo is:

    GIGABYTE GA-EP43-DS3L LGA 775 Intel P43 ATX Intel Motherboard

    will this give me any trouble?
  8. Quote:
    easy way to use your SSD as a boot device is to have only the SSD installed when installing OS.
    win7 will boot to SSD by default. then after completed install of OS
    i then installed my HDD's and then configured them.
    win7 will set-up SSD Trim and other configurations by default.

    thanks will do that.

    Guys there are these other 2 SDD about the same price, is it worth spending $10-20 more?

    OCZ Vertex 2 OCZSSD3-2VTX120G 3.5" 120GB SATA II MLC

    OCZ Agility 2 OCZSSD2-2AGTE120G 2.5" 120GB SATA II MLC
  9. I can't see the difference. There probably is one but... I like the 3.5" form factor for desktops because it saves mounting issues and/or costs and/or phony ty-wrap jobs.

    I have a corsair f80 in my wife's laptop (okay she has it now) and it's great.
  10. one potential problem I am seeing right now is the Space, I thought 120gb would be plenty, but right now, with all my programs installed a a few games (CS Source, SC2, L4D2 and Runes of Magic) I am already taking up 90gb of HD space. So I would have barely any left
  11. Aye, there's the rub. There is some speculation that intel's G3 drives (expected early 2011) will be larger and cheaper due to their 25nm flash. Maybe you should wait?

    Most people use the ssd for os and a couple of games or daily use programs and leave the rest on some spinning disk somewhere. If this does not work for you it may be a good idea to wait for price per GB to come down.
  12. You want to disable hibernation and that will decrease your usage by 3 to4 gigs. If need to You can also put your swapfile on to the HDD and that will free up another couple of Gigs. (If you leave the swap file on the SSD, be sure to set the min/max size to the same value so that windows does not keep increasing/reducing its size dynamically)

    As Adampower stated, you want to down load the latest Intel RST Driver (ver 9) and THE F6 driver (Back to the old XP days). Put the F6 drivers on a thumb drive. Do a Custom Install and on the page asking where to instal there should be a little check box left side just below the box displaying your drive. Check the box and select drive and windows will partition the drive (Note there will be a small 100Meg partition in addition to your main partition, just ignore the little guy)
  13. Ok, I downloaded the RTS driver version 9, but where I get THE F6 driver?
  14. I just unzip and put in the the thumbdrive right?
  15. wait is it only 1 driver I download? that is the same as the RTS I already downloaded
  16. The F6 driver has several drivers, But when you do the windows install, if you have raid set in bios - only the Raid driver will show up. In your case the Bios should be set to AHCI, inwhich case only the AHCI driver will show up for selecting.

    The Other "Bigger" file listed as the RST driver (which you will install after loading win 7)contains additional files/support for The Intel controller.
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