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Hi guys, sorry if this is in the wrong section but there doesn't seem to be an appropriate section for my question so please move this if it's in the wrong one.

Ok so quick question, is it possible for a USB PCI card to damage usb devices, such as USB flash drives? Will it short circuit them somehow??

I think mine is faulty since it killed my USB yesterday (I posted this topic in another section, please help me if u have any solutions), and I think it's gotta do with the PCI card.

It looks like this btw:

and lastly, what is the USB port facing to the left of the card for??
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  1. Any powered port like USB has the capability of frying something if things aren't right.

    BTW, the internal USB port is for a small receiver like blue-tooth or wireless mouse/keyboard. It keeps the dongle out of the way so you don't break it off when moving your computer or have a 2-year-old grab it.
  2. cool thanks a lot, but what's the probability or likeliness of a USB PCI card to damage a USB??
  3. I've never personally had it happen. I'm not sure how you could check it without ruining another USB drive. Like I said before, USB is supposed to carry some power (+5V I think), so it's possible.
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