Which combo is better? Help!

Hey i was browsing new egg and i just came across some decent sounding combos. These combos include PSU, case, CPU, and mobo.

First combo:

750W corsair ~$100
ASUS M4A78T-E AM3 + AMD Phenom II X4 955 BE ~$255
NZXT Tempest ~$80

Total: ~$435

Second combo:

Antec 1200 + AMD Phenom II X4 955 BE ~$323
ASUS M4A78T-E AM3 + 910W PC Power & Cooling Silencer ~$275

Total: ~$598

So that's roughly $163 more....

So my question is ... Which case would you choose? Antec 1200 or the NZXT Tempest? Both seem to have VERY similar dimensions, but the antec 1200 is a full tower and the tempest is a mid-tower.

And another question about the power supplies:
Both corsair and PC power and cooling are excellent companies for power supplies, i know that. But is 910 watts really necessary? Assuming i'm running two hard drives, and cross firing 4890's, and overclocking my CPU. Is 910 watts overkill? Will 750 watts suffice?



Antec 1200:
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  1. $163 more for NZXT Tempest->Antec 1200 and 750TX->PCC&C 910W, you do the math to see if it's worth the price increase or not

    But is 910 watts really necessary?

    Not even a Core i7 @4.4Ghz and 2x GTX285 OC'd (on air) combo would need that much, 720W at most.
  2. Well both choices are great. For your current needs the first choice would work but if you want to future proof it a little more with a bigger case and more power on your PSU for bigger video cards later then go for the 2nd choice.
  3. dang 285's SLI and i7 OC to 4.4 doesn't even need 900 watts? hmm..... in my opinion the 163 dollars isnt worth it ... but everyone always gives the antec 1200 and 900 such good reviews and everything. Oh yeah, and any reason why the tempest is a mid tower and the 1200 a full tower when their dimensions are almost identical?
  4. actually, this was a dumb question... i just found a 850w corsair for $95 after rebates lol. I'll still with the tempest =] 6 fans = sexy and its less than half the price of 1200 ...

    Thanks for responses anyways
  5. Quote:
    Oh yeah, and any reason why the tempest is a mid tower and the 1200 a full tower when their dimensions are almost identical?

    Must be marketing. Afterall, there's no rule that defines a full or mid tower.

    I had a quick look at the internal layouts of the NZXT Tempest. Looks good for (watercool) modding.
  6. I don't plan to water cool because its kinda out of my budget =/ But since it is good for water cool modding, i'm assuming it has a lot of room to work with and expand?
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