Cooler Master V8.. Fan controller knob problem..

Hey guys,

So I've decided to purchase the V8 CPU heatsink and i'm tinkering with it, getting it ready and all that but i'm having some difficulty with the fan controller knob.

It shows in the instructions and such that i'm supposed to remove the outside part of the knob so i can slip it thru the backplate then reattach it. I've been twisting it and tugging on it (that's what she said) but it's not coming off. I don't want to break this thing before I put it in so I'm wondering if anyone can tell me how to pull this off properly. Just pull it brute force from the turning mechanism or does it turn and snap off a certain way...?
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  1. 42 views.. anyone know anything about this?
  2. Watched that first one several times when deciding to buy this cooler. Unfortunately neither of those videos or any of the ones I've found even mention the fan knob or how to attach it to the plate.

    Thank you for trying tho heny
  3. good luck
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    It pulls off. Kind of a snug fit, so you may need to use some pliers for grip, you can wrap a piece of tape around it so it doesn't scratch.
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