Rosewill RCR IM5001 & ASROCK X58 EXTREME6

I have installed the card reader onto the system and it shows up in bios but not the computer part of my windows 7 where it lists all my hard drives and removable storage. I have used the usb ports on it and they work. I also have downloaded and installed all the driver packages from roswill homepage. Have tried to find a online compatiablity list and could not find one. I have the usb molex and sata cables all conected to the motherboard. In my knowledge is if it shows in bios it should work. Someone please help.
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  1. If anyone has the same problem as i leave me a way to get in contact with you i have found a way to fix the problem myself.
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    Having similar issue. Most of the time it never shows up but on occasion it shows up. So if you can post how you you fixed the issue that would help. Searched google and this post comes up first.
  3. Dear Customer
    Thank you for contacting Rosewill Support .at this time we would like to suggest the following 
    1 Remove the item from the device manager shut down
    2 disconnect from the USB port on motherboard and relocate
    3 reboot system into the bios and enable all USB including legacy USB
    4 reboot system and when the add hard ware wizard come on guide to the location of the driver
    5 please download driver from website 
    if problem persists please update your USB host ctrl from Microsoft website
     If you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.
          Call Center 1-800-575-9885
     Monday - Friday 8AM - 5PM PST 
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