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Hi, i've recently set up a new rig with i7 920 in it.. tried to oc it to 3.2ghz with vcore 1.300.. core temperatures are at 55/59/56/58 while CPU temperature is around 45c.. at 100% load it can go up to 94c.. is this safe? or should i lower vcore or set the clock speed to a lower value? i'm using air cooling w/o additional stock coolers..


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  1. 94 is disgracefully unsafe. You need a good aftermarket cooler (such as Noctua) and the Vcore at around 1.25. I've got my i7 920 to 3.9 with no problems and temps of 40 idle and just into the 60s after a 6 hour stress test.
  2. got it down to 82c at 100% clock speed 3.0ghz vcore 1.25v.. will have to do until i get my cooler..
  3. I would not run it at 82c. Better to run slower and lower temps until you get better cooling.
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