CPU overheating

Hi, I have recently built a new PC and everything has gone well except for my CPU problem.

It's a intel Duo core E6750 (2.66). It has been overheating since I put it in my new mobo ( evga 750i ); at the same time I installed a new cooler which is the Zalaman 9700 NT which has had many good reviews.

I'm getting 60c idle and 80-90c load it shoots up and down instantly, I use core temp and BIOS so determine my temps

The real kicker is that, I have tryed all different types of thermal grease methods with my Arctic silver 5 and the one that worked (for a little while) was the line method, i put a thin line down the center of the CPU and seated the cooler on. This worked until i restarted my comp and then I was getting my old temps of 60c idle 80-90c load.

I have determined that it isn't my cooler/thermal grease because I put the stock cooler back on too see what would happen and I was getting even high temps like 100c, then my pc shut off.

I think that I need a new CPU.. by the way this CPU is a few years old

Please any input is appreciated I am extremely frustrated at this point :(
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  1. Do yo =u have good airflow in the case or are any other fans blowing towards/ down on the cpu?
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