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Is it normal that it varies ? I mean, I set my CPU to 3.8GHz @ 1.4000V exactly, I've been running prime95 for 1hour~, I'm using AI Suite to detect the voltage, and it wavers between 1.4400V-1.4520V... This is kind of an inconvenience, since at 1.4400V(which is clearly stable), I get around 55C, but when it moves to 1.4520V, I'm at 59C. 4C is a big difference, y'no? I mean, the whole point of overclocking is to pull out the maximum performance while not maintaining the lowest degree/voltage possible.
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  1. yep, keep lower Vcore when stable under stress test. & most important must keep temperature don't over for maximum.
  2. Yep. I can get to 3.9GHz @ 1.44V~. (56C), but I seem to hit a wall at 4GHz. I mean, I was at 1.5120V, yet I would BSOD after 10minutes. Temperatures were also flying through the roof(61-65). However before, I have achieved 4GHz, but my voltage was at 1,55V or somewhat. Tbh, I don't feel like having it over 1.475V. So tomorow I'll post in the AMD OC section to see what can I do about it. (Hopefully configuring the NB, HT will do me good..) Thx btw :P
  3. what spec your CPU type X6 / X4 ...???
    i have X6 stable in 4Ghz 1.52v & it's normal , use good HT link is 2800 (in CPU-z) in bios stay in 2000 because i use VGA onboad can get max Score Graphic
    core VID raise from default to 1.1750 , CPU NB just raise volt 0.050~0.100 , VDIM max 1.65v my DDR3.
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