GA-P35-DS3R Issues

Hi, if anyone can help me I would appreciate it.

I have just built a PC using a new to me motherboard and processor plus known working components from another PC (i.e. PSU, HDD, DDR2 memory, video card, DVD Drive).

This is not the first time I have built a new PC but the problems I am getting are beating me.

I have four issues:
- When using the latest version of the BIOS the PC just freezes whilst trying to update settings or just monitoring the temperatures. Older versions of the BIOS do not freeze but the manufactures web site state I need the latest version for the CPU I have
- When checking CPU temperates I get different readings from the BIOS (27C idle), overclocking utility (20C idle) and Speedfan (55C idle). Note I am not overclocking but rather just using the utility to check system health
- The motherboard seems to run very hot based on the BIOS reading of around 50C at idle load. The heat inside the case seems very hot compared to other PC's I have with similar specs, even if I leave the case open for good ventilation
- The PC cuts out at random times. There is no BSOD it just cuts out and restarts. This happens at varied events (including installling windows and also when using it after successful install, and not necessarily whilst under load)

I have reseated the CPU / HSF, disconnected unneeded devices but cannot seem to find the cause of the problem. My gut feel is that it is either a CPU or Motherboard issue (as I know the other components were working in a previous PC) and want to return the one that is not working but do not know which one it is.

My system is made up of a Gigabyte motherboard GA-P35-DS3R, Intel Q8200, Arctic Freezer Pro HSF, Dell 450W PSU, nVidia 9600GSU, Maxstore 250GB HDD, DVD-ROM, 4GB DDR2 Memory and I am using Windows Vista Home Premium 64bit

Any suggestions?
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  1. Well, I think there are issues with your mobo. RMA?
  2. Maybe the PSU?
  3. The temperature reading you should trust is the one by the Bios, because it knows which measurement chip is used and how it's tuned. However, you certainly don't see these temperatures at the same time... My C2D on Ga-ep45 swings by 30°C within 2s when running iBurnTest, as the computation load varies between 2*100% and 1%.

    If settings of the Bios tell it to switch off when the Cpu exceeds +70°C, you may get the behaviour described.

    Hot at idle: this depends on the frequency and voltage management policy defined in the Bios settings. Also, a 9600gso dissipates a lot even at idle, and a C2Q not little - bad surprise if, like me, your previous hardware was from the PIII+Agp era.

    Before returning any component, you should test your hardware properly. Did you already use Memtest86+ and iBurnTest and some more? Can you try to boot on a Linux live Cd (Ubuntu, Kaella...) and observe, in order to make the difference between hardware and OS?
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