Cpu heating up-please help

i had a old Intel Smart Fan the porblem is,when i start my Pc it Stuck so i bought a new one and pulled out the old one,replaced it with the new one and applyed a Heat sink, then the problem apeared when i was in the Bois Screen in the Pc health thing my Cpu Temp is rising like a 1C every one Sec till it goes to 80 C+, the Wierd thing is that the fan Rpm is 2400+
and the Cpu Still heats up, i rapplyed a new heat sink and still the same,
the Wierdest thing is when i Start My Os/Windows it goes down to 50-60 C, if i stay in the Bois Screen it Goes up to 80 C+, so why is the Bois is heating up my Cpu? it was on the old fan after its failer about 45-50 C in Bois and Windows.

i have a ....
intel pentuim 4- Cpu 3 Ghz
160 Hd+80 Hard Desk
3Gigs of ram
Nvidiea GeForce 8400 Gs
sumsung Dvd writer
2 fans- 1 works as a normal fan and the ather works to Pull out the heat from inside

Note: the temp Gone higher when i Bought the new fan...

please help,thanxs
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  1. You didn't specify it, but what heat paste did you apply and what quantity?
  2. well i applyed the amount that came with the Fan- about 2-3 Cm off it lol
  3. new thing: if i opend a Game/Website that need load it jumps to 85C+

    Note: after the fan failer it was working very well like i hade 70 on full load not 85C+
  4. batista said:
    well i applyed the amount that came with the Fan- about 2-3 Cm off it lol
    Too much heat paste can cause that problem. You need to apply a very thin layer and you don't spread it using your finger. Use a blade or whatever you have that won't leave grease or lint and make sure that you end up with about the thickness of a sheet of paper.
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