Atom motherboard

I am looking for an atom motherboard that has certain criteria for use as a data and media server.

It needs to have:
ION chip

I have only found motherboards with 2 out of 3 of these criteria. Has anyone found one with all three?

Also do any atom mobos have gigabit ethernet?
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  1. mini-itx (or whatever its called) form factors dont usually have pci slots.
    maybe if you listed why you need a pci slot and what you are going to do with it?

    has everything including sata raid but no pci slot.

    the built in video card is plenty good

    it even has esata which you could use for an external hdd solution.

    has GB lan etc.
  2. I want a tv tuner in it as its primarily going to be used for recording tv as an always on device but also for browsing and storage.

    Seems like a good bet even with no dvi (it has hdmi instead)

    Is this going to be my only real option?
  3. Uh, look at the pictures. I seem to see a DVI slot. and HDMI, and VGA too. damn, I might have to buy this...
  4. that looks sweet..,

    alternatively you could use a usb2.0 tv tuner.
    I dont think anything is over 40MB/sec so usb should work..

    I like your board better though..

    the second link doesnt have dvi but it has hdmi.. alot of new monitors have hdmi.. tv's do to.

    or you can get hdmi------->dvi adapter
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