Motherboard temp high?

I have an Asus m3A78-T motherboard that's in a new build. The temp. utility that came with it says my motherboard temp is 46 degrees Celsius after about 30 min of use and it gives me a warning. None of my case fans are connected to the motherboard and I have no fan controller. I have a Raid max Dirk-Tooth Smillodon case with a front and rear 120 mm fans and 3 80 mm fans. The fans seem like they could run faster but I'm not sure. What can I do if I need to get the temp down? What is a good temp. for a motherboard and what are the temp. limits? Should I be concerned about a 46 47 degree motherboard temp?
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  1. Sorry I can't be more helpful, but I'd suggest consulting your mobo's manual and look for "operating temperature" or something similar.

    Also, have you considered that something in your build is running hot, making your mobo warmer than it should be?
  2. 46C on chipset is nothing to worry about. The nForce 600-700 series hits up to 80C+. If you want to lower the chipset temp, reseat it with better thermal paste like this:

    This is non-conductive. You can apply it to even mosfets - the long rectangular sink by I-O plate.

    You can remove the plastic pins with a pair of pliers from the underside of the mobo.
  3. You should reset the CMOS maybe?
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