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For my appartment next year ill be getting a large TV and a good home theater system

I essentially have 2 options for a NAS.

I Really want to do a raid 6, and i am thinking about either putting some new harddrives in my CURRENT desktop (has hdmi capabilities) or putting them in my old desktop (does not, i would need new video card)
For either of these computers i would need a raid 6 card (new computer has ASUS rampage extreme III and old has ASUS crosshair) The only downside to using my new computer is I dont want it to be sitting next to my tv, so I would need an extender.. like a boxee box or something.

Has anyone been in this predicament in the past? What have you gone with?
Also, does anyone have any suggestions on a raid 6 card? Would I need a good soundcard for my home theater system? (Or would onboard sound be fine)

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  1. I looked into those, and they are EXPENSIVE!

    Im hoping to have 6 drives in my set up, and dont want to have to pay 800 bucks for the box excluding drives.

    I realise that my data isnt exactly sensative (its only media) so I could probably live with raid 5 (which my old mobo can handle)

    Would a card be more reliable than the onboard chipset though?
  2. The problem is that an HTPC and a NAS are two very different things. My HTPC runs win7 and my NAS runs freenas (it should be FreeBSD with ZFS but I've been busy). The point is win7 makes a crappy nas. Freenas, win home server, etc... can not run an HTPC. So, you have two components that are difficult to interbreed.

    Luckily, you can build an HTPC cheaply. Likewise you can build a cheap NAS. You need to ask yourself whether the components you own would be good for one or the other. Then, buy the other.

    The great news is that you can build a cheap NAS which will serve media to either your htpc or desktop (and laptops, phones, etc.) while your htpc and desktop run from silent, fast, SSD drives leaving the storage to the nas.
  3. So ill probably end up building a NAS and getting a boxee box to play my media.
    Thanks for the info :D
  4. Good show. You won't regret it. Ask around for any tips and advice as you go.
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