E5200 @ 4624 Ghz over clock

Just thought id post my over clocks on my E5200 witch only cost £48 ...

not a bad little chip and runs quite well...
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  1. No way that's possible on a e5200, what kind of cooling do u have?
  2. Son of a crap.
  3. lol @ Upendra09 -

    Ref ti my thread on oc-3d were im a community member please these scores are no *** score there real ->


    Super PI results ->

  4. ps you'll note im now running at 4663 ghz oh a E5200 chip

    Here is the auth link for CPU-z ->


    i need better ram though to get a better pi score.

    I haven't finished yet neither i reckon i might be able to hit 4.7 Ghz.
  5. Holy crapoli.
  6. Wow...nice overclock...
    And again what cooling do you have? don't say your desktop wallpaper provides cooling for that :P
  7. This is my simple set up its just a xps 2 x 120mm rad on the cpu and the fans are running at 5v so there not running to noisy.

  8. The whole water cooling loop set me back £70 second hand.
  9. Just to say this is my system ill be fitting into c-macc's 2 my arcade system ive been working on wich is on there forums here some ware.
  10. mlwood_2008 said:
    Just to say this is my system ill be fitting into c-macc's 2 my arcade system ive been working on wich is on there forums here some ware.

    Congrats!But, i do not think it is worth it in terms of time and money you have put in to have that set up. core i7 system eats your system alive easily without intensive setup requirements.
  11. do u really put the thing on ur kitchen table?
  12. who cares about core i7 esp when this cost 8 times less than one of them.
  13. mlwood_2008 said:
    who cares about core i7 esp when this cost 8 times less than one of them.

    are you sure about that? how do you calculate to come up with your figure. I have i7 setup at 3.8g. I know how fast it is and how much it is. Leave alone the stability issue he might have at that frequency. Think about the water cooling setup and power consumption. It is a great overclocking achievement, but it is just not practical.
  14. That's very impressive, well done. Can I just ask, how come CPUID, on the right, thinks it's a Q6600?
  15. deetee. were all wondering about that. think its got a bug weve fired a email off about it to see what the problem is.
  16. Nice score, those E5200s are great overclockers. I never went over 4.4 Ghz even with much higher voltage, guess you got a good chip.
  17. I wouldn't doubt the overclock. That's a gigabyte x38 or x48 d6q. i had one and an e5200 and got similar (4.2ghz ish) overclocks. that's an fsb 1600 board, so the only thing you are stressing with that overclock is the processor.
    and to the duche up there ^ bashing this build because he's sad it's got a faster clock rate than his i7, the point of an overcock like this with those sorts of voltages isn't practicality and stability. it's for shits and giggles. i think this guy's had his money's worth in fun.
  18. Updated Super PI score ...

    After loads of messing closing down nearly every services with in windows 7 and slight adjustments on my timing and another 6 hour's worth of reboots .

    got super PI down to 12.277s Considering what i am using i am happy now.

    If i had better Ram and a better mother board i think i could hit 4.7 gigs easily and if i could tighten up my timings some what a little more.

    Ive tested it out on windows xp (tiny version as per rev advise) slimmed down as much as possible and i could only achieve a score in the 13+ seconds.

    So over all with all my findings i think i have push this cheap chip to its max on my system and i dont think its possible to do any more unless i went phase / cascade or even more extreme.

    How ever im running quite smoothly at 4.6 Ghz normally with in windows and having no real heating problems at all. My max out voltage i found is 1.45 V-core ..

    Quite impressed with this little chip and i blame all you to getting me into this stuff again lol. Just a shame i cannot afford to get equipment for the moment as im itching to pass the 4.7 gig mark.

    next step is to see what i can push the q6600 go to..

    here are my setting for windows 7 shown and all my services i disabled to help aid getting my scores.

  19. Nice overclock, the E5200 is a great little chip.
  20. well managed to get to 4.7 Ghz but was unstable.
  21. Great overclock, I might have missed it but what board are you using?
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