Further overclocking on a Phenom II X4 965

I've been overclocking my chip all night and noted the results down so, I'll post them up before I start talking. I haven't included the idle temperature, as I found them very irrelevant : Idle temperature vary a lot, but the full load always seems to be the same. :P

Equipment :

AMD Phenom II X4 965
Coolermaster Hyper 212 +
Antec 902
PSU Kingwin LZ-1000KW (It's not the gold one)

Under-voltage profile : 3.4GHz @ 1.2625V. (34C/44C) <--- Facebook, Web browsing, Instant Messenger, etc.

Test #1 : 3.7GHz @ 1.44V. 53C Full load. Peaked at 57C. Prime95 for 40Minutes.
Test #2 : 3.8GHz @ 1.44V. 55C Full load. Peaked at 59C. Prime95 for 60Minutes
Test #3 : 3.9GHz @ 1.44V. 56-57C Full load. Peaked at 61C. Prime95 for 34Minutes.
Test #4 : 4GHz @ 1.44V. BSOD. Prime95 for less than 1Minute.
Test #5 : 4GHz @ 1.4525V. BSOD. Prime95 for 1Minute.
Test #6 : 4GHz @ 1.4775V. BSOD. Prime95 for 3Minutes.
Test #7 : 4GHz @ 1.48V. BSOD. Prime95 for 3Minutes.
Test #8 : 4GHz @ 1.49625V. BSOD. Prime95 for (I wasn't paying attention. :S)
Test #9 : 4GHz @ 1.5120V. BSOD. Prime95 for 8Minutes

Okay. So, time for me to start talking now . :D

How I overclocked : Set to 1.44V and kept raising the multiplier by 0.5x till BSOD on Prime95 leaving the CPU/HT Reference clock at 200MHz. So basically, I've hit a wall on overclocking solely through multiplier and voltage. (Few weeks ago, I did in fact hit 4GHz, with 1.55V+ , temperatures were at like 65-67C... or something. But, I simply do not feel like having a CPU running 1.55V at any time b'cuz I know it's VERY bad for the circuitry and the temperatures aren't even that good lol)

BIOS settings during overclocking phase:

PCIE Frequency : 100
DRAM Frequency 1333MHz
CPU/NB Frequency Auto
HT Link speed Auto

CPU & NB Voltage Mode Manual
CPU Voltage "Listed Above"
CPU/NB Voltage 1.100 [Auto]
CPU VDDA Voltage 2.500 [Auto]
DRAM Voltage 1.500 [1.500]
HT Voltage 1.200 [Auto]
NB Voltage 1.250 [Auto]
NB 1.1V Voltage 1.100 [Auto]
NB 1.8V Voltage 1.800 [Auto]
SB Voltage 1.100 [Auto]
SidePort Memory Voltage 1.500[Auto]

So I've actually been reading a bit on overclocking, and I've read that the NB and HT actually do play an important role in getting the setup stable. So I'd like to ask you guys what should I tweak in order to achieve a solid 4GHz with good temperatures without having an insane voltage. :P
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  1. - in 3.7 your system not stable why you raise ??
    - 4GHz @ 1.5120V too High !

    OC must step by step & must stable, Check your Temp try don't over 60C
    Disabled Amd turbo , cool n Quite, C1E
  2. at 3.7 my system was stable, but I decided to start off with 1.440V and to see where would it stop. Looks like it stops exactly at 4GHz. I have all of those disabled too. Is there anything else I can do in order to get a stable 4GHz?
  3. Don't go over 1.5v on the CPU.. You are probably looking at settling in around 3.8GHz with just cranking the multiplier and voltage. You may be able to get higher by reducing the multiplier and increasing the FSB. If you really want to reach 4GHz this is what you'll most likely need to do.

    As for the HT Link, manually set it to 2000.
  4. Hi.

    1- Only disable C1E adn Cool'n'Quite, the X4 965 doesn't have Turbo core.
    2- If you CPU go above 55ºC isn't good.
    3- You can go over 1.5V if your temps are below 55ºC, less temps, more voltage, better overclock.
    4- 40 minutes isn't enough to know if a overclock is stable or not, you need 8 hours or more.
    5- What revision do you have?
  5. Also you could try playing with the frequency as well
  6. I have a C3, okay, so I'll leave the HT at 2000MHz, what about the NB ? Do I leave it auto too ?

    So I guess I won't be able to hit 4GHz with the multiplier method eh? :S
  7. Best answer
    I suggest you 1st re-install the cooler, those temps are very high for a C3 revision and you aren't even touching the 4GHz stable.

    Remove the cooler, clean the old thermal grease with isoprophyl alcohol or normal alcohol, apply the new thermal grease (AS5, TX-2, TX3, MX2, MX-3 are very good) to the CPU and use a old credit or debit card to cover all the CPU with the thermal grease, after that install the cooler again.

    Now, to overclock.

    1- Set HT to 2000MHZ and HT voltage to "Auto"
    2- We will focus 1st in get the 4GHz or more, the NB goes in last place (but not less important)
    3- Go to your BIOS and change all voltage to "Auto" including CPU voltage and rise the CPU multiplier to x18 (3600MHZ), after that log in to Windows and test the rig with primer95, LinX or OCCT for 2 hours or more.

    Let me know the results.
  8. Okay. Maybe it's the Heatsink installation that I screwed up on. I reinstalled it several time by cleaning off the paste using Purell (hand sanatizer)... :P I currently don't have anything to remove it, I'll go buy some this weekend at the hardware store. So I'll leave this thread open till I get back?
  9. Yeah, not problem. The thread keeps open unless that you select the "best answer". You can buy normal alcohol in a pharmacy or supermarket.
  10. Btw, you do have a tutorial on installing the CM Hyper 212+, I have tried setting the heatsink in both directions, I find it extremely hard to tighten the screws if it's in vertical direction as the screws are placed directly under the fins, literally.. Did you have to hold the screwdriver at a diagonal angle too to screw it in?:P
  11. Take a look of my sig, you can find the answer there, step 10th.
  12. Prime 95 also stresses the memory pretty hard. Check and manually set memory voltages and timings.
    A lot of times you will need to increase memory voltage to get stability when using more then 2 modules.
  13. rick is kind of right. the best way i found to o.c. these things is to slow everything else down and work on just cpu speed. then manually bring up ht and memory speeds. set your memory dividers so they slow up your memory and reduce your ht multiplier. make sure the cpu is stable with way slowed down memory speeds and wide latencys. then bring up your memory speeds, then reduce latencys. each step checking for stability. i had the same set up for a while. the hyper 212 plus starts running out of cooling for B.E. phenom II quads after you go past 1.45 volts. might try using the extra clips provided with the cooler and add a second 120 mm fan on the other side of the cooler. that and speed the fans up some.
  14. I don't see any mention of your memory brand, amount, and the timings you're running, all you mention is the speed 1333mhz?

    If your memory timings and settings aren't solidly configured in, no amount of Vcore will stabilize it.

    You going over 1.5v vcore not knowing anymore than you do is crazy, you're risking your investment!

    What operating system are you running?

    Cleaning thermal compound with Purell hand sanitizer! :lol:

    Sorry for laughing, but do you even know why that's not a good idea at all!

    If you don't have what you need then wait until you get it, rushing into overclocking is a bad idea, when you lack the knowledge of the whys and wherefores, of how everything works together to accomplish an overclock goal.

    Btw, you do have a tutorial on installing the CM Hyper 212+, I have tried setting the heatsink in both directions, I find it extremely hard to tighten the screws if it's in vertical direction as the screws are placed directly under the fins, literally.. Did you have to hold the screwdriver at a diagonal angle too to screw it in?

    The Cooler Master Hyper 212+ has half moon recesses in the fin configuration to allow clearance for a screwdriver, but the screwdriver blade has to be long enough to take advantage of that!
  15. Yeah, I was laughing at my self too. But I thought to myself, well it is alcohol so I juts gave it a shot. I bought some isopropyl alcohol at 70% and just re-applied the thermal compound. And I'm kinda new to the computer scene, I didn't think the ram was involved in overclocking. :S.

    Those are the RAMS I have.

    Prime95 has been running for 10minutes, I believe it'll reach it's peak temperature at around 30minutes.. And I don't know what're memory dividers btw> :S
  16. Di you re-installed the cooler? What are your temps now?
  17. well for 3.4GHz, it was at 30/39. :P
  18. 3.6GHz and let me know the temps, maybe you can get that at stock voltage.
  19. Running the prim95 now, so far so good. Though, since the re-application of the new heatsink, my CPU voltage doesn't seem to be working properly. Before, when it to a x voltage, it would go higher by 0.04. Now it seems to go lower. By exemple, I'm setting it at 1.325, it's going to 1.28...
  20. When you check the voltage in CPU-Z you don't see the same voltage that you set in BIOS, that's commune
  21. Okay. So 30minutes on prime95. Settings were : 3.6GHz(200x18) @ 1.272V. (Set at 1.325 in BIOS). I left the memory at 1333MHz, and everything else on Auto(HT was automaticaly set at 2000)
  22. 43C-44C Full load. Peak was 46C
  23. Good, now set the CPU multiplier to x19 for 3800MHz and start to rise the CPU voltage until you get the rig stable, remember check your temps and try to don't go above 55ºC
  24. Okay, but earlier someone mentioned that the memory did play a very important role, will we go through tweaking that later?
  25. 40minutes passed at 3.8GHz. Peak was 53C, and stays at 49C. :) I believe those are very nice temperatures. :D Also, the voltage is 1.356-1.368 (Was set at 1.328 in BIOS)
  26. Do u have disable cool'n'quite and C1E right? Now, we gone try to get the 4GHz, so, rise the multiplier and rise the voltage too in little steps, in the same process until you get it stable. Test the rig for 2 hour or more, not less.

    Regarding the RAM, we work in that later.
  27. Okay, I've had Prime95 running for 2hours of 4GHz at 1.488V-1.5V, Peaked at 60 and hovers at 56C. :)
  28. Nice, now we go with the NB.

    GO to your BIOS and change the NB frequency from "Auto" to 2600MHz and test the rig, if you the BSoD or freeze problems, come back to BOS and rise the CPU-NB in little steps until you get the rig stable.

    Remember, always check your temps.
  29. Okay, running prime95 again with 2600MHz NB, what does it do exactly ?
  30. Increase the performance of your RAM-CPU relation, so, free performance.
  31. Do I have to keep the HT Link speed at 2000? Bcuz i bumped the NB/CPU to 2600MHz, BSOD, 2800MHz, BSOD'd again all within 2minutes, then I noticed the HT Auto set itself to 1600.
  32. Also, I thought my motherboard was dual channel memory, why's it showing single on CPU-Z?
  33. Yeah, set the HT to 2000MHz, and don't forget the CPU-NB voltage, those BSoD means not enough voltage.

    Dual-channel: Check that you have installed the RAM in the correct RAM slot for dual channel.
  34. Which color are the dual channel slots?
  35. Check the manual of your mobo, RAM lines DIMM A_1 and B_1 or DIMM A_2 and B_2
  36. Nvm, I got it. Thanks :) Alright, so let me get this straight. I go in bios and I :

    1- Switch HT Link Speed from AUTO to 2000
    2- Set CPU/NB Frequency to 2600
    3- If BSOD from prime95, raise voltage?

    So that means, my target CPU/NB frequency would be at 2600?
  37. Your NB frequency should be 2600MHz, and if you get BSoD you need rise the CPU-NB voltage, only that.
  38. This is weird, I had prime95 runnign for two hours and it was at 56C, i just ran prime95 again with the same settings, and I bsod'd after 20minutes :S.. Temperatures were way higher too. (didn't tweak the NB and HT yet)
  39. Did you change something? Voltage or something?
  40. Well, after I tried to up the NB, it would crash and I wasn't able to start it up, so I reloaded everything to default and put back everything to previous.. :S
  41. Actually, y'no what? I'm going to run prime95 tonight with my 4GHz settings for around 10-15hours before tweaking the memory, I'll see what I get. :P Talk to you in a few days? XD
  42. Ok, let me know.
  43. Btw, for prime95, should I test via In-Place Large FFT or Small FFT?
  44. Default, I think that is Large FFT.
  45. Well, anyways, I ran it on small FFTs this morning, since that mainly stresses the CPU and not the RAM. 8H30 and it's still stable. Temperature were at 62-63 and peaked at 64, although with max fan, it goes down to 60C... Does raising the NB/CPU raise the temperature? Because I mean already it's at it's TJMax(62C)...
  46. Yeah, that's the "problem" when you rise the CPU-NB, your temps rise immediately.
  47. Ouch... , okay. Well, then I'll leave it at what it is now, considering, temperature wise, I'm at the limit. Is there anything else we can overclock? B'cuz I wanted to downclock the memory in order the lower the timings.
  48. You can reduce the timings with the same speed and test if the RAM is stable with that, if you still want downclock the RAM you will need rise the FBS or Reference clock (200MHz in your BIOS), but keep in mind that rising the FBS will rise the NB frequency, HT frequency and DRAM frequency too.
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