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I posted some questions about upgrading the CPU in my old Dell P4, and listening to advice I am retiring the old Dell and I bought an Asus computer... That's where the questions start!

I no longer have the dexterity to build a computer as much as I wanted to try, so I bought an Asus computer. Figured that if I stay away from a pre-built box from Dell or Gateway I woud have much better luck in the future upgrading and maybe even play around with some mild overslocking. I do not play any heavy graphic intensive games, so wild OC'ing is not needed.

The model is an Asus CM5570 AP002 with an E5300, 6 gigs ram and the onboard vdeo chipset an Intel X45/43.

First thing I wanted to play with is the software I read about here that usually comes with Asus boards to overclock, but couldn't find it anywhere on the system or included disks. So I started looking for exactly which model motherboard came in this thing - hard to do even at the Asus web site. The web site has teh drivers and bios for download that came with the computer, but that's it.

Didn't want to open my case up until I was sure I had to do so - little sticker on the back that warns that the warantee is void if case is opened. I went to Best Buy and had a salesman open the floor model. The motherboard is a P5QL-VM. No mention of this exact model at the Asus web site.

While the case was open I looked around at the inside - I wanted to make sure I could buy a full size video card or if I had to go with a half height model. Size is no problem there, but I noticed a 250 watt continous, 300 watt max power supply! THAT was disappointing!

So now after writing a book, my questions... First, has anyone heard of this motherboard? Is it overclockable? If so, where do I find the software? I did check out the bios and it dod NOT seem OC friendly - not many settings to play with at all.

Also, is there any way to "add up" power needs to see what size power supply is need for a given set of hardware? Or do i just buy big and make sure? Would anyone buy a video card with a 250 watt power supply?
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  1. It's an oem system with asus name on it. Those boards aren't listed on asus website, and their bios may be have any overclocking options as you found out. They don't want you fooling around with the bios. If you changed a setting and the board wouldn't post, then you might try to return the whole system for warranty, costing them money. Asus doesn't assume you know how to overclock, but that you don't.
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